12th Annual Stone Crab Festival

Naples Stone Crab Festival

October 29 – 31, 2021

It’s finally fall! Here in Florida, fall doesn’t mean changing weather or falling leaves, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have festivities of our own to look forward to. Of course, with Halloween approaching, you can expect some spooktacular events happening around (check out our latest email to learn more about that!), but we’ve also got some local traditions to uphold.

Naples (about 25 minutes by car from Marco Island), happens to be home to the fantastic Stone Crab Festival! This year marks the 12th annual festival, and we couldn’t be luckier to be situated so nearby.

The stone crab (Florida famous but found up and down the coast from the Bahamas to Connecticut) is abundant in these parts! Described as a mix of lobster and fish, this seafood is truly a delight. The Stone Crab Festival in Naples is a celebration not only of this delectable dish but of seafood in general! When you visit this event, expect to be surrounded by incredible vendors lining the walkways with mouthwatering food.

In addition to yummy eats, you’ll be invited to enjoy the live music! Artists like Tobacco Rd Band, Matty Jollie, and The Dazzling Delrays will be lighting up the stage with their sweet sounds.

If that’s not enough, stop by to take a look at the local artisans and crafters selling their beautiful works here! Whether you like handmade goods or homemade meals, you’ll find it here!

We hope to see you here to enjoy the annual “cracking of the first Stone Claw” at 5 PM, October 29!


*main photo courtesy of stonecrabfestival.com*


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